3010, 2013

Pocket Money to Payroll

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Are school leavers ready to join the work force? Have 10-12 years of school prepared them for that first day in the workplace? Has 3-4 years at university or a technical college prepared a young professional with the practical skills to work safely?

Considering the diverse range of work places out there and therefore the huge […]

2110, 2013

Staying safe in summer

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We all know just how much fatigue and heat stress can affect your health, perhaps not so much an issue for a white collar worker in an air conditioned office, however, imagine you are working on a construction site in the middle of summer performing labour intensive work. A recipe for heat stress!

The Australian Bureau […]

1510, 2013

Lessons Learned 10/2013

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Following simple safety steps can help workers avoid dangerous and potentially catastrophic outcomes.

Recently, a worker in Western Australia had a near fatal incident when a tank he was working on exploded while performing hot work.

The worker in question used an electric arc welder to attach a bracket to a sealed metal tank, which had previously […]