2711, 2013

Asbestos Awareness

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This week, Australia celebrates Asbestos Awareness Week (25-29 November) and with estimates of over 30,000 Australians being diagnosed with Mesothelioma over the next 20 years, it serves as a stark reminder that this almost ubiquitous substance is still very much a part of the health and safety scene in Australia.

The annual event focuses on the […]

2111, 2013

Technology Leading the Way in ACT Construction Safety

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Nothing excites me more than new technology, and technology that helps promote safety in the construction industry, that’s just a bonus! Smart phones and ideas borrowed from social media are set to streamline a daily OHS procedure on ACT construction sites. SignOnSite is a new smartphone app that has been developed by the University of […]

1311, 2013

The Future is Bright

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Online learning, whether for a degree or as a short course, offers a flexible study option for people who can’t commit to full time study or don’t have access to ta nearby training organisation.

If you have been out of education for a long time, the thought of going “back to school” and fitting study into […]

411, 2013

Consultation on Safety is the Key!

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Every worker has the right to a safe working environment, when you leave for work, you should have every confidence that you will be returning home in one piece!

Just this past Friday 1st of October, work stopped at an ACT construction site as a result of over 100 workers protesting over safety concerns.

Issues reported by the […]