3112, 2013

The Importance of Fatigue Management

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Fatigue and burnout in the workplace can have serious negative implications on the health and safety of employees. The issue of fatigue management is again at the forefront following the recent death of 24 year-old Indonesia writer Mita Diran, who died following 30 hours of non-stop work for ad agency Young & Rubicam. Her twitter […]

2412, 2013

Its the Season to be Safe!

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The month of December is a busy time across many industries and the impending break can add pressure to already stressed and fatigued staff. It can be tempting to cut corners to meet these deadlines before starting our holidays with friends and family. The beach may be calling, but to take our eyes of the […]

1612, 2013

Food safety, a priority for construction workers

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The condition and safety of a workplace’s food can quite often go unnoticed, while there are many regulations prescribing the safe preparation, storing, transporting and serving of food, it is a health and safety issue that can be conveniently avoided until the workforce either speaks up, or gets ill!

Construction workers at the QCLNG gas export […]

1212, 2013

Gamification, a fine line

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For those who aren’t sure what gamification is – it’s basically the use of game mechanics and theory to get people to engage with something they may not normally engage with. The fundamentals of game theory being: goals, rules and feedback.

The premise behind gamification is that while many people may enjoy playing games, very […]

312, 2013

Tragic Consequences of Workplace Bullying

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A culture of hazing and bullying still exists in the Australian construction industry, a problem that is easily and often ignored, but when it is almost always focused on trainees and apprentices, who being new to the industry and perhaps not emotionally prepared for the hostile working environment, the results can be tragic.

Alec, a 16 […]