2602, 2014

So tired of being tired

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People aren’t meant to for 24/7 operations, we are physiologically programmed to sleep during the night and be active during the day. Throw into the equation personal frailties and psychological factors and we have a serious health and safety issue that has, until recent times, received very little attention.

Whether it is a stressed and sleep […]

1402, 2014

Keeping you informed

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National harmonisation of health and safety legislation has been slowly coming together over the past few years. After originally being proposed in 2007, a national model WHS harmonised act has been under review by jurisdictions around Australia, with some states and territories either opting out or taking their time in reviewing and passing the act. […]

1302, 2014

Construction Industry to Follow Resource Sector

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Construction workers on all new government-funded projects will have to face random drug and alcohol testing, the Herald Sun reports.

Widespread concerns on drug use on construction sites have prompted the crackdown. Companies bidding for government projects would also have to commit to have security measures in place.

Premier Dennis Napthine believes says this move would boost […]