Workplace ‘culture’. A phrase you may have heard thrown around occasionally, but one that is vitally important to the productivity, safety and morale of your employees and business as a whole. As defined by “Culture is the character and personality of your organization. It’s what makes your organization unique and is the sum of its values, traditions, beliefs, interactions, behaviors, and attitudes.”

When focusing on improving culture, you’re focusing on bettering the environment your employees come to work in. Happy employees make productive employees, which makes for a healthier bottom line. Here’s a couple of ideas and tips on how to improve your workplace culture:


Listen. Acknowledge. Respond.

Encourage feedback from your employees on all issues. Knowing they’ll be heard and responded to satisfies 2 of the most basic human needs, whilst constructive criticism and fresh eyes across your operation will keep management and boards on their toes. When employees feel comfortable with open, 2-way communication, the culture improvement will likely spread, and teams will be more relaxed to share feedback and ideas among themselves. Rule #!? All feedback must be responded to.



I’ve witnessed first hand culture changes in safety, and like the feedback tip above, it all starts with communication. If (sadly still) workplace safety does not get the focus or time it deserves within your workplace, encourage team members (or appoint them yourself) from across the board to join a safety committee. Ensure they represent the issues from each sector, and work as a diverse team to solve and implement solutions to any safety concerns. (You can contact Fluro for a safety template/checklist specific to your workplace.)

The result? Open communication standards and most importantly a safer workplace.



Who do your employees work for? What’s your goal and why do they want to take you there?

Sharing your company’s vision and mission is critical to empowering your employees to believe in what they’re doing. Being open and honest about the vision for your business and the values you hold will assist with staff retention, whilst attracting like-minded people to your business (and keeping the ‘non like-minded away!). Reminding your employees about the role they play and what they’re bringing to the table creates a sense of purpose- another key basic human need satisfied.


How’s your workplace culture? Where can it improve, and have you used different techniques in the past to get results? Please feel free to share or comment below. Thank for reading.

Amanda is a passionate workplace health and safety trainer, innovator and strategist, with over 20 years of experience across mining and construction. You can follow her on Twitter @amanda_slinger, or connect via LinkedIn.