As you approach the later years of high school, or start planning a gap year of work, you have more choice and flexibility in the subjects and industries you study. Though you may not be certain of the career or industry you’d like to work in after finishing school, there are things you can do now to pick up valuable tricks, licences or a general taste for particular industries, and give your fledgling career a little boost at the same time.

If your interest or subject path is trending towards a building or construction trade, there’s a qualification essential to gaining work experience or employment (during or after study) that probably won’t be offered in your text book. A White Card is an introductory course to health and safety within the building and construction industry, and must be obtained (by law) before commencing any employment.

For students, a registered training organisation like Fluro is perfect to complete the qualification, and show future employers, lecturers or mentors how serious you are. The course is completed 100% online, in your own time, from anywhere in Australia. Currently at $20, it’s also by far the cheapest White Card online course you’re likely to find. There are no age restrictions to complete the course, it never expires, takes around 4hrs total to complete, and the same card is valid on any site, anywhere in Australia.

Enthusiasm and passion for your chosen industry can prove difficult to harness, but getting an edge and taking small steps towards your career path, even if still a little vague, is a positive step any way you look at it. Feel free to contact Fluro with any questions about mandatory courses or further info, or get started straight away!


$20 White Card online course- begin now.