Construction workers on all new government-funded projects will have to face random drug and alcohol testing, the Herald Sun reports.

Widespread concerns on drug use on construction sites have prompted the crackdown. Companies bidding for government projects would also have to commit to have security measures in place.

Premier Dennis Napthine believes says this move would boost safety in the workplace.

“Reports of illicit drug use and distribution on Victorian construction sites are widespread”
Said Dr Napthine in an exclusive interview with the Herald Sun.

“The presence of intoxicated and drug-affected workers on building sites presents a real and serious risk to the safety of hard-working Victorians”

Dr Napthine said that companies must have “comprehensive drug and alcohol screening measures” before they can be eligible for Victorian Government construction biddings.

Could this be a sign that the rest of Australian heavy and construction industry is finally starting to follow the lead of those in the resources sector? For years now, the resource sector has lead the way in policies and procedures developed for the screening and detection of illicit and or intoxicating substances.

Safety of everyone one a construction site is of course, paramount. It is vitally important that once a construction worker steps on site, they are confident that their peers are in a fit and healthy state to work. This move, spurred by changes in government tendering policies will hopefully have an effect on the industry as a whole, resulting in more robust health, safety and in particular personal wellbeing training taking place on sites around the country.