Online learning, whether for a degree or as a short course, offers a flexible study option for people who can’t commit to full time study or don’t have access to ta nearby training organisation.

If you have been out of education for a long time, the thought of going “back to school” and fitting study into a busy schedule, can be daunting. Life commitments mean that going to class every day is not always an option.

Online learning breaks down the barriers that many people put between themselves and studying, it overcomes practical problems that in the past, may have stopped a potential student from even attempting a course of study.

eLearning is changing the way we interact with information, course material and assessments. Allowing the learner to access the content from anywhere in the world on a multitude of platforms. More excitingly, however, is the fact that eLearning is changing how a course engages US How it is fundamentally changing the entire learning experience! Given freedom to access a course any time of day or night and a course that is attempting to engage the learner using innovative multimedia techniques and authoring concepts has given learners.

A really exciting concept currently creating buzz in the eLearning community is “social learning”, where online courses use a delivery method not dissimilar to the popular social media websites and applications currently popular to create dialog and discussion amongst learners, something that has been missing in online courses up until now. In a future where more and more study will be undertaken online, it is vitally important we keep the social interaction so valuable in the classroom setting.

Fluro’s experienced instructional designers and trainers are excited to be part of this innovative and growing industry and hope to play their part in the continued evolution of eLearning

Here at Fluro HQ we are currently working on a number of new online courses that will cater to many industries and individuals, but in the meantime, if you are joining Australia’s booming construction industry, you can complete Fluro’s white card course and start work aware.

Follow this link for a Prezi on the future of eLearning.