With Easter approaching not only can we enjoy the time off with our friends & families now we can indulge in the sweet treats without guilt. For years, chocolate lovers have remained blissfully unaware of the health benefits. Despite it’s bad reputation for causing weight gain, there are actually a number of reasons why we should indulge in this often confection conundrum.

  1.  It’s loaded with anti-oxidents
  2.  It may lower cholesterol
  3.  It helps prevent heart disease
  4.  It may improve your skin
  5.  It may reduce pain
  6.  It may prevent memory decline

Dark chocolate definitely get’s the green light with recent studies showing that it can cause blood vessels to dilate, thus lower blood pressure, although this is not the case with white or milk chocolate. Researcher, John Finley a food professor of food and science said it is due to the amount of cocoa that was in the product. He said that in time it was possible that the beneficial compounds contained within the cocoa might one day be processed into pill form.

Finley is excited by the prospect.

“I would rather eat a big old chocolate or have a cup of hot chocolate than…take a pill”.

I would have to agree!

Don’t over-indulge though chocolate lovers unfortunately, chocolate still contains sugar and fat. Thought that was better in fine print.