Is m-learning going to re-place the traditional classroom? The teacher/instructor lead training we have hall become so used to?

All you have to do is walk down any busy metropolitan street and you’ll quickly notice how pervasive and ubiquitous mobile technology has already become. Is it such a stretch to see a future where whole training packages can be completed on your mobile device during your commute to and from work?

M-learning is obviously still in its infancy, both in terms of instructional design and technology.
What is needed to truly bring m-learning into the fold of training in the 21st century is an improvement in connectivity and specially tailored content that learners can engage with in short burst, for example during the public transport commute to work or a lunch break spent in a park.

The next generation of learners are undoubtedly ready for a revolution in training, not only are they ready, they are expecting it. It is important that instructional designers are in a position to deliver snack-able content to learners when mobile technology and connectivity is ready to accommodate a new style in design.

In this writer’s humble opinion the most important aspect of mobile learning is this snack-able content I have already mentioned, can we design a course that presents itself in small bursts of highly engaging and informative content compact enough that it can be covered by the learner in 10 minutes and structured in a way that a earner can come back to the course at a later date and have retained that information.. How can we create content like this? I don’t think anyone has found the magic bullet for m-learning just yet, but there is clearly a market for this style of learning

It’s interesting times for instructional design and online training, in the near future we will no doubt see people completing entire training packages and perhaps even higher degrees from the passenger seat of a Boeing 747 or from the comfort of a couch with a tablet in hand… And that excites me!