Saying goodbye never gets easier… Especially when you leave behind an exciting job, an amazing team, and great projects to work on – like I did. But Sydney has been calling and so Andrew and I packed our little red car, waved goodbye to friends and colleagues in Perth (not without shedding a few little tears), and hit the road over East… What an adventure! I take with me many great memories and experiences that I hope to be able to match in Sydney.

During my time working for Fluro, I have been lucky enough to see and be part of the big milestones to date, including the humble early beginnings. It all started when Amanda asked me one day to find out what we would have to do in order to become an RTO and offer accredited training to students… For Amanda it had started years earlier when she employed a team of actors and a script-writer to deliver a successful drama-based safety training courses.

Well, after I looked up what an RTO actually is, we dived right into it. Looking back, it was probably best that we didn’t really know the mountain of work that was ahead of us. We just decided to give it a go, and so we did with lots of enthusiasm and a growing understanding of how to tackle the multitude of tasks, from gaining registration as an RTO, to designing and developing engaging and fun learning content that “sticks” with people, to setting up the suitable IT infrastructure so that our students can access our courses on a 24/7 basis, wherever they are. What a great and proud moment when Fluro finally went live last month!

I love my role as an Instructional Designer with Fluro – it is the perfect mix of working creatively but still meet exact training requirements and assessment standards, and prove your attention to details. I guess I have always enjoyed finding new and sometimes unusual ways to explain things and to help people understand complex matters. Creating helpful and fun elearning content that students can really interact with is exactly that – making sure people learn the skills and knowledge that matter in their jobs, have fun learning it, and that it is presented in a way they makes sense to them so that they won’ t forget the important lessons. And that’s what everyone at Fluro works so hard to achieve. It is an amazing team that I am sad to leave behind.

Thank you Amanda, Tina and Susan, all for the fun memories, ongoing support, and the many lessons we learned together!

Rebecca Niebler (Instructional Designer)