Sarah Wilson’s “I Quit Sugar” (IQS) movement has been around for a while, and seemingly continues to build momentum as more Aussies discover and engage with her beliefs and recipes. She has a huge social media presence with thousands of followers, cookbooks outlining IQS philosophy, strategy and recipes, and regularly appears on cooking shows, both on free to air and Fox.

In a nutshell, her research and beliefs are centered around the fact that sugar in our diet, in particular the naturally occurring Fructose, is toxic to the system, and directly converts to fat, impacting weight and energy levels. You can read a lot more here (, but for the purpose of this introduction, picture a group of cavemen huddled around an apple or berry tree.

Likely starving and tired from all that hunting and primal survival stuff, our ancestors would be tempted to stuff themselves silly on the sweet, rare fruits they found in their travels. Needing all the energy they could find, the sugars not only undoubtedly provided a boost to their spirits, but an instant ‘hit’ of energy and replenishment. The opportunity to gorge daily on nature’s sweet treats (like us) seems unlikely. Sarah also describes the brain’s inability to trigger a ‘cease’ to these foods- it allows the body to consume and consume without feeling full.

Like many merely contemplating the diet changes, the first hurdle after coming to terms with the potential loss of Cadbury chocolate or sweetened coffee is: “But what about wine?

wine iqs

As you can see from the notes above, the fermentation of wine not only produces the alcohol content, but takes away the sugar as a by-product. Magic! Whilst the white spirits there are mentioned as safe, mixing with anything other than soda or mineral water will boost the sugar content. Yes, ‘diet’ and ‘zero’ mixes are fine, but have other health issues associated with their artificial sweeteners. So, Vodka & Soda with fresh lime it is. Or a cold beer perhaps…

One more thing to note however, is that Sarah doesn’t recommend more than one glass of wine, more than a few nights per week, particularly when embarking on an IQS diet or adjustment. There are still hundreds of calories and other ill effects in each glass. But, let’s remain positive! Replacing Ben and Jerry’s with a cheese plate and glass of red isn’t all bad, right?!