The Western Australian government this week gave the green light to the development of a new Resources Safety Bill in an effort to reduce risk in the state’s largest economic sector.

Mines and Petroleum Minister Bill Marmion said the intention was to place a greater focus on risk management and to be less prescriptive. 

“The onus will be placed on industry to demonstrate they understand hazards and have control measures in place,” he said.

The new legislation would incorporate the best elements of the National Mine Safety Framework and the nationally developed model Work Health and Safety legislation.

“While there is a clear need to align Western Australian safety regulation with that of other jurisdictions, the state government recognises that what works in other parts of the country may not necessarily apply here,” the Minister said.

“The best aspects of the model laws will be adopted with those which do not suit the unique Western Australian context amended or removed as necessary.

It was hoped that the legislation would be in place by mid-2016.