Nothing excites me more than new technology, and technology that helps promote safety in the construction industry, that’s just a bonus! Smart phones and ideas borrowed from social media are set to streamline a daily OHS procedure on ACT construction sites. SignOnSite is a new smartphone app that has been developed by the University of Canberra and Australian National University students that has been described by one of the students involved as a “Facebook check-in for construction sites.” Alexander Garlan, SignOnSite developer and project manager for Banyan Construction, said that individuals need to sign on and off when they arrive and leave a construction site in the ACT and stats are showing that this doesn’t always happen. She said that it is difficult with multiple entry and exit points and supervisors are spending on average 1.5 hours every day performing this task. ACT Work Safe commissioner Mark McCabe said that this innovative solution is welcome as an accurate way of being able to track who is on a site especially in an emergency situation SignOnSite recently won an award at the innovation ACT awards, securing $35,000 to further develop the software. With the increasing prevalence of smartphone technology and ubiquitous connectivity, the sky’s the limit for innovation in the field of health and safety applications that can join the ranks of other keystones of construction health and safety such as white card training and first aid training. Follow the link below for an interview with SignOnSite co-founder Mitchell Harmer.