That’s what the press, today’s news and blogs, and various social media platforms are calling last night’s Q&A special on domestic, or family violence. “The conversation we had to have.” Featuring Australian of the Year and brave domestic violence campaigner Rosie Batty, the episode took a close look at various cases and viewpoints surrounding the issue.

Though not directly associated to the workplace, the broader issues raised across the community are important to be aware of, both in our work and personal lives. Does your workplace culture create a bias or discrimination against women, or any minority? In a predominantly male-dominated workplace or business, is there room for improvement in the culture or attitude ‘among the boys’ towards such issues? Are there events or opinions, no matter how large or small, you take home to your kids?

Are you the best role model you can be, whether male or female, at your workplace?

It’s a pleasing trend to see such issues bought to light, and may the hard work continue. Education and knowledge is power, so please take time to view and share the following content… The herald-sun presents a solid summary of the show and its reaction today, and if you missed the episode you can watch it on ABC iView here.