Up until now our white card course has consisted of 4 modules with a number of topics covered in each module.

After careful review and listening to the feedback of our learners we have taken steps to make the content of the White Card course easier to understand and less overwhelming.

We have broken up our previous 4 modules into 9 modules. Turning 4 modules into 9 sounds like it might be more work, right!?! Rest assured, the new course structure makes each and topic easy to understand and assessments far less taxing.

It’s the exact same content, just divided up into 9 smaller modules!

Where in the past, you may have had to go through an hour or two of straight course material then be assessed on a number of different topics at the end of that module, we have re-designed it so each block of content can be completed quicker with assessments more focused on what the user has just learnt! This will eliminate ‘Quiz anxiety’ and make the whole assessment component of the course more rewarding for the learner.