For backpackers and international travelers, school and TAFE leavers, or any other young people looking to enter the building and construction trade, finding the right job or a stepping stone in where to start looking can be daunting.

With plenty of work always available in labouring, construction and building tasks, jobs in the industry may fund a 6 month working holiday in Australia, build a bank or skills during a gap year, or lead to a full time career.

Upon researching the industry, candidates will likely come across requirements for health and safety, including clothing and personal protection standards, physical expectations, and information about the type of tasks performed and tools used. Also a legal requirement before entering a construction job is the acquisition of a White Card- a course that covers introductory health and safety procedures, providing essential information before entering a site. The course can be completed easily and quickly online via a Registered Training Provider such as Fluro Training, which offers the White Card Sydney course for just $20- around $40 off the standard price- perfect for backpackers, leavers and students!

Sydney White Cards Online are valid Australia-wide and don’t expire. Once obtained, you’re good to go, for as long as you want work.

After obtaining your White Card Online, you can start the job search! But where? If you’re traveling in a group (or went to school in Australia) you may have heard of the site Gumtree- Australia’s largest online classifieds. At the time of writing, over 10,000 ads are listed under Construction and Trades, which can be easily browsed through filters including location, skill level and trade.

Other online job directories will have similar listings, and you could also post a ‘wanted’ ad yourself to be proactive. Have your cover letter, resume and references tight, White Card qualification attached, and off you go! Good luck.

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